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Lawrence P. Swist Designs announces the introduction of our own line of studio monitors and subwoofers designed to meet the demand for a highly accurate, high level system that falls between the traditional large studio systems and near field monitor systems.

L P Swist Monitors utilize TAD components. TAD drivers were chosen for their robust quality and high degree of accuracy. Bryston amplifiers are used to power the high end and low-midrange drivers. Bryston crossovers are also used. McIntosh power amps were chosen to drive the subwoofers.


L P Swist Monitor Systems


LPS-211 Low-Mid & High End System:

L P Swist Studio Monitors are designed around simple physical principles. Drivers have been chosen for their linearity in their respective bandwidths. The cone drivers are mounted in 4th order vented enclosures tuned to the optimum resonance frequency to insure proper transducer loading and linearity. The 11" diameter low-mid range drivers are each splayed 15 degrees off axis to match the high frequency driver's vertical dispersion though the crossover region. The vertical line array and physical time alignment of the drivers insures rock solid imaging and precise phase relationships.

Option Ribbon Tweeters

LPS-116 Subwoofer:

The subwoofer utilizes a 16" TAD driver mounted into a simple reinforced 10 cubic foot 4th order vented enclosure tuned to 32 Hz. Usable response is measured to 28 Hz without the use of equalizes or any other signal processing. Driver transient response is maintained. McIntosh power amplifiers are used because of their massive output transformers that insure maximum power transfer through the driver's resonant frequency.

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5.1 - Multi Channel Surround Sound System
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