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Modular Removable Acoustical Studio Systems
Lawrence P. Swist Designs manufactures and installs complete prefabricated acoustical recording studio systems.  
Each room contains the following elements:  
Acoustical Walls Ceiling Clouds Diffusers Equipment Racks CPU Quiet Bays
Workstations Center Islands Monitor Soffit Walls


It is no news to recording studio owners that the recording studio business has changed dramatically in recent times. Lower cost technology and shrinking recording budgets have made it difficult to keep rates at a profitable level. Consequently, studio owners must be very careful in weighing their investment in equipment and facilities against potential income.

Clients still demand the proper acoustical space and working environments. However, the investment in leasehold improvements to create these environments may be prohibitive. It may now make more sense to look at modular removable studio systems that can be treated as a depreciable equipment purchase.


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With the introduction of new lower cost technologies in the recording industry came the possibility for musicians and producers do work outside the traditional studio environments. Home studios or alternate facilities have become an integral part of the production process and offer a more relaxed, pressure off environment tailored to the particular owners creative needs.

The problem of acoustic translation and accurate aural perception has become an issue for the professional that works in these home studios and alternate facilities. Hours of great work can be wasted trying to create sounds that are being inadvertently corrupted by a less than perfect acoustical environment. Only when the work is heard outside these studios do these perception problems become evident causing the user to second guess his or her reactions and judgments when returning to work in these home studios.