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Mick Guzauski - Mt. Kisco, NY

Right Track Recording - New York, NY

Legacy Recording Studios - New York, NY

Hertz Recording Studios - Bialystok, Poland

Sound-on-Sound Recording - New York, NY

Quad Recording - New York, NY

Premier Recording Studios - New York, NY

Terminus Recording (Tainted Blue) - New York, NY

Jack Daley - Asbury Park, NJ

Ralf Meyer, Tucan Studio - Stuttgart, Germany

Simon Climie - NY, LA, France

Eastman School of Music -Rochester, NY

SUNY Fredonia School of Music - Fredonia,NY

SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music - Purchase, NY

West Point US Military Academy - NY

Buffalo State College - Buffalo, NY

Eargasm Studios - Santa Monica, CA

The Lodge - New York, NY

California Road Studios - Orchard Park, NY

Eclectic Lady Land Recording Ranch - San Juan Island, WA

Muenster Academy of Music - Muenster, Germany

Supow Recording Studios - Cologne, Germany

Linge Studio - Dubai, U.A.E.

ParabolicNY Audio Post - New York, NY

Price Studio - Victoria, Australia

Soul Spirit Recording - Marseille, France

Dreamworks Animation - Glendale, CA

Philippe Weiss - Paris, France

CGI Communications - Rochester, NY

Universal Music - Santa Monica, CA

Rockbottom Recording Studio - Makanda, IL

Island Vortex Studios - Hawaii

Sound Storm Audio Post - Burback,CA

Olympic Recording Studios - London, UK





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